As a dog lover I, like many, have supported various Pet Rescue Groups for decades.  I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly, but nothing as ugly as today.  

Social media is chalk full of bitterness and verbal attacks between rescue groups over a recent joint effort to save pets in the Texas hurricane zone. It breaks my heart and makes me question my trust to see such bad blood spew between groups of people that are all supposed to be selfless heroes in the pet world. There are vicious accusations, verbal abuses and physical threats between people that should remember they are supposed to be on the same team. I don't know what happened, I wasn't there, but I say we move forward for the sake of the animals. If you've never made a mistake in pet rescue, by all means, throw the first stone. If you have made mistakes, wish there were things you had done differently in the past, or have struggled to do the best you can with the situation that you find yourself in, then let's drop the hurtful comments.

Let's refocus on what we are all trying to do and help rescue pets in need. There are too many needy animals out there to focus on anything else right now.

I’d like to help, and am going to offer a free Rescue Dog Orientation to anyone who adopts a dog from the Texas rescue effort, regardless of which rescue it was adopted through. I will host up to 20 human participants (no dogs) at our training center. The sessions will last from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. on September 26 (Tuesday), 27th (Wednesday) and the following October 3rd (Tuesday) and 4th (Wednesday).  We will cover common problem behavior solving techniques, proper socialization strategies, considerations for introducing rescue dogs to family, friends and other pets, and how to lower/prevent anxiety and stress in new dogs. 

I welcome one leader or volunteer from any rescue group to attend, but want to keep it to just one to allow space for adopters.  Let’s all work together to get these beloved rescues off on the right paw, with the best chance of getting a happy and forever home!

Thank you all for sharing your time, talents and hearts to help these and other needy animals.  
Please put down the stones and let Rescues Rock!


To sign up for Pet Rescue Orientation, contact us by email or phone at 260.432.3999